Meun Sok Huch VS. Umut Norgaz, 28 August 2016

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Meun Sok Huch VS. Umut Norgaz, MAX Muay Thai, in Thailand, 28 August 2016 Red: Meun Sokhuch (Cambodia) Blue: Umut Norgaz (Turkey). Puch Houch, Cambodia Famous Boxer has Knough out Turkey in round 1 by kick his hand. This win make Cambodia Fighter go next round and turkey was drop out from turnament. This is in Max Mauy Thai event in Thailand.

Hello, my name is Pitou Pheang, I'm an admin of Khmer Boxing Daily Facebook page and I really love Khmer Kick Boxing. I want to promote each of Khmer Kick Boxing match which will be using Kun Khmer as the martial art that was inherited from our Cambodian ancestors.

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